Working on the Right Thing in the Right Direction


cropped-things-you-should-focus-onWe people are full of dreams! We always wish to strive and grab the best that we think we deserve to have. We always give our full efforts and hard works to achieve everything. We also think that attaining those things justifies the success of our deeds. But do you think that your hard work and efforts must be solely recognized for your success? The answer is no! Just like humans, we can’t do things without the help of others. Just like the saying “No man is an island” , we need people to help us. Another instance is a business; we cannot fully start up a small scale business without manpower. Remember we always needs back up, we always have the combination of values in order to achieve the desired goals we want.

Even you work hard but if you don’t have any goals or visions, the possibility of tracking the wrong way is there. We should always set our visions and priorities to hit our target. That’s why in any starting business, planning is very necessary. You will never see a business, whether big or small scale, that has no mission, vision, goals and objectives. Why? Because these VMGO’s served as the pillars of their trade. Without these, the way to success is blurry and unclear.

To all people there, to all business enterprises and to all individuals, we don’t only need hard work. An hour of being alone and thinking of your goals and priorities is very essential. It is imperative to determine such things to achieve the triumph. Do it slowly but surely, you will realize that progress comes in a time. Do hard works, set your priorities, apply the right values, always put your best foot forward and reach success!

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Hey there folks good morning and welcome! My name is Thom Rigsby from and this is “7 Minutes in the Morning”.

Well, that is right, you have found “7 Minutes in the Morning” where you can get your daily dose from the business coach that is me, my name is Thom Rigsby. First, of all, let me thank you and apologize to you. Last week I took a week off and I got without any warning really and I got lots of tweets and e-mails and questions because making sure you are okay, that were a thing. Thank you for that concern I appreciate that and I apologize for not giving you any forewarning. One of things that I do on a regular basis and one of the things I am encourage you to do on a regular basis is just take some time to reflect, look at the things that are going on, look at your priority, look at your goals, look at your vision and make sure that you are heading in the right direction. And that is one of things I was able to spend some time doing last week and I actually have an opportunity coming up next week, but I am not going to take a week off from the show.

But one of the things that came from that, all of our shows this week are going to be a result of that time that I took last week to how look at where things are and where things are going and I want to share some of those things with you and I hope that, you will give me some feedback about the show and the things that I am doing to help you. But also, so that it will give you a reason to think about the things you have going on.

Today, I want to share a saying with you that, I am sure over 200 episodes I have shared this with you at some point, but it is something that I tell people face to face very often. You can work really hard digging a ditch with a tablespoon, but it does not mean it is the right thing to do. In the context to that is usually, “well wow Thom I am working really hard with this, I just do not seem to be getting the results that I was hoping for.” Working hard is not the only prerequisite to getting results in your life, in your business and in the things that you strive to do. If working hard was all that was required, then sure you can do that work really hard and be successful in everything. The reality is though, that we need to work hard doing the right things and that is where the saying really came from. I can work really hard and not be doing the right things. My grandmother had a great saying that was really similar to this thing, she said, “you can rock all day in a rocking chair and never go anywhere”.

Yes, hardwork is important and yes, to be successful we have to put a lot of effort, a lot of work into it, but that is not the only thing we have to do. We have to be certain that the things we are doing, the direction we are going, the goals that we are pursuing are all moving us toward the results that we want. Now, a couple of weeks ago I shared with you my vision based framework, if you have not seen that you can get that a very easily just go to Vision Based Framework that will take you there and ask you for your e-mail address and then give you the worksheet that I put together to help you define your vision, your goals, your projects and tasks identify some of your values and it will tell you about the most important thing you have to do in order to achieve that vision. That is also a topic that will address on the show this week. I am not quite ready to give that one away, but go there and check that out for Vision Based Framework that will get you to the right page. So, just commemorate as we apart today you get ready to go out, enjoy your day and pursue your success. Make sure that the things that you are working on, that the effort that you are putting into your goals, your projects, your success are actually moving you in the right direction. I would love to hear your feedback from that and continue to send those emails Thom at we can hook up on tweeter that @thomrigsby that is the only place by the way where you have to use the “H” everywhere else I figured out where am not so good with tweeter long. Anyway, add me up on tweeter @thomrigsby or find me
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That is it for today until tomrrow, remember my name is Thom Rigsby I am your business coach. Take care.

Okay now! For a little bit of the secret show I have done one of these in a while. Anyway, I hope the audio sounds better, this is audio only this week and I just want to give you a little bit more insight into my break that I took last week. I was on the road, I went to speak in a conference and I guess being away, giving me a chance to work on some of the vision based things was really important and I have found myself spending hours working on that and even though I took the pick where I took the things with me that I needed in order to do the show. I started looking at from a priority perspective and I have shared this with you many times, you have to choose the one thing, the one priority that is going to make a difference and in that time away and that time were I had a great deal, a quiet time to myself I was making great progress working on that priority, working on that vision of where need to take my business, so I often to spend that time working on those things. Hopefully, you will see the fruits of those labors this week in this week’s show and then a lot of the things that I am putting together for the future.

Thank you for your patience, thank you for your concern that I disappear and I am now and we will be back on with the show. Remember success requires action do not forget to go out and take action, just make sure, please make sure your working on the right things. I talk to you tomorrow, have a great day, see you then.