The Power of Mindset


There are some key things that one must have in order to succeed in any given business. One of these is having the right mindset. Whereas this might seem unrealistic, several researches have revealed that it has a huge bearing on individual or business success. According to several interviews of some successful businessmen of early 20th century that are documented in Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, having the right mindset is instrumental in achieving success. These businessmen emphasized that you have to believe that you can do it and take action.

It’s also generally believed that perception is 100% reality. For example, you can look at something and, before touching it, conclude that it will be painful to touch it. The influence could also be from the people around you who try to make you believe that of course it will be painful. However, your perception might change if you go ahead and touch it. In relation to your success, you can ask yourself questions such as: What’s your perception today about your success? Do you believe that you you’re being held back by something; maybe external forces or circumstances? These are some of the things you need to look into to ascertain whether you truly have the right mindset.

How Your Perception Would Influence Your Success

To begin with, it’s obvious that you can’t succeed without taking action. However, to take action, you’ll need a mindset that assures you that you can do it, regardless of the prevailing circumstances. Think of a case where you want to start a business or expand it in a way; if you cringe because of the general economic situation, you might not take action to start or expand it. Maybe you have the feeling that your target market is limited in terms of disposable income or that they won’t buy from you because there are other businesses that offer similar services or products. If you focus on these your urge to take action will be dampened.

The more you think about something, the more it becomes real to you. Consequently, if you keep on thinking about failure or how difficult it’s going to be, that will become your reality. If on the contrary you think positively, such circumstances could just turn into opportunities. Instead of focusing on the NO that customers might give you, you’ll be thinking of what to do with a YES, or better still, how to turn the NO into a YES.

As a result, perceived roadblocks will be your opportunities. And that will be your advantage as you progress towards success.

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Hey there folks, Thom Rigsby here from This week we’re going to about mindset. Before you switch off and go to the next podcast, there are some really interesting facts in here, some really interesting possibilities and you just need to hear them. Stay tuned, 7 Minutes in the Morning is coming up next.

Hey there folks, good morning and welcome. This is 7 Minutes in the Morning; it’s your daily dose from me, your business coach. My name is Thom Rigsby and this is the show where we take one topic every day or maybe a theme for the week and break it apart, unpeel that onion and all in the hopes of helping you build a better business. This week I want to talk to you about mindset and today especially I want to talk to you about the power of mindset.

There are some different opinions and I’ll just go ahead and confess to you that I had an opinion that this stuff was a bunch of [hoodie]. But over time I have come to find out that this is one of the single most effective methods for achieving the success that you’re looking for. Now, let me say that again. This is one of the single most effective methods for achieving the success that you’re looking for. In fact some people say it’s not possible to achieve the success you’re looking for if you don’t have the right mindset. Frankly I’m becoming a believer, so let me tell you what I’m talking about here.

There is a book, I’m sure many of you have heard of, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill. That was a work that is a compilation of the interviews that the author made with a lot of – at the time early 20th century – a lot of very wealthy, very successful businessmen. After talking with 30 or 40 businessmen, he came away with this idea that the single most important factor, in achieving success, is to believe that you can. You’ve heard me say before that – especially a week or two ago we talked about the vision based frame work for success and the most important aspect of that is choosing to make a change – that if you don’t chose to make a change, none of the rest of the frame work matters. It’s choosing to make a change. That’s what I’m talking about today with the power of mindset.

Some people and I’ve been doing some research, trying to find some definitive work or answers here and seems the jury is still out on this. Some psychologists and psychiatrists have suggested that people with multiple personality disorder can do things – when they switch personalities – they can do things like change the color of their eyes, their allergies change so that they have different physical responses to allergens. Also it’s some pretty significant changes just affected by the power of changing the mind and in that case of what’s in control or who’s in control I guess. I am not suggesting that you have to have multiple personalities to be successful. What I am suggesting is that the power of thought, the power of what you believe, is a very potent thing.

I used to say that perception is 90 per cent of reality, now it’s 100 per cent of reality. How many times have you looked at something and thought, “That’s going to be painful if I touch it.” No matter what anybody tells you, you believe that it will be painful. That’s your perception and that’s 100 percent of your reality. Your perception may change after you touch it and find out that it’s cold instead of hot, dull instead of sharp, whatever the case may be. Then your perception may change and you believe something different. But it’s very real to you when your perception is that that will hurt, that’s very real to you.

Here is what I want you to do; here is how we’re going to take this away today. What is your perception today about your success? Do you believe that you’re being held back by external forces, external circumstances? Well, you know Thom the economy is bad right now; it’s a bad time to start a business. Well, there’s a lot of unknowns around insurance and I’ve got insurance now, maybe I need to keep this job. Well I can’t, my customers that I’m marketing to, they don’t have a lot of disposable income. All of those are excuses made to put the blame off somewhere else.

I’m not saying they’re not true; maybe your target customer has had a reduction in disposable income. The point that I want to make is for you to stop thinking about them. The more we think about something the more it becomes real to us and the more that it manifests to us. Just go back to this example that I had. I’ve got something here and I believe that it is going to be painful to touch. If I sit here and think about how painful it’s going to be to reach out and touch that object, the more I’m going to convince myself that it’s going to hurt. What if I – instead of thinking about how painful it was – started thinking about the success of having touched it and survived?

Think about your business this way, stop thinking about why people are not saying yes. Don’t think about why people are saying no, start thinking about what you’re going to achieve when they say yes. Start thinking about when you get a yes, how excited and dedicated you can be to that customer because your other customers, your other prospects, have said no. If you spend more time thinking about the positive then you’ll begin to see opportunities where other people see road blocks. That’s going to be an advantage for you because they’re going to be held back by these road blocks and you’re going to be blasting through them on your road to success.

So what do you think about mindset and the power that mindset plays in your success? I’d love to hear from you, shoot me an e-mail, or you can find me on Twitter its Thom Risgby or you can find us on Face book too, Thom Rigsby Coaching. All three of those get you to the same place that get [to?] me. I’d love to hear your feedback and hear your questions about mindset. Go ahead and send those in and we’ll be back tomorrow to talk about some specific mindset obstacles to overcome. Until then, my name is Thom Rigsby, I’m your business coach.