Predicting 2015: Finding, Hiring & Keeping the Best Empoyees

Happy Christmas Eve!

As we continue our look through my predictions for business in 2015 we’ve come to our team…our employees.

You know, most things in life move through cycles and hiring / employment is not immune. It seems clear that the economy is picking back up and we can expect to add staff in 2015, but not just anyone. Chances are pretty high that you’ll be adding millennials to your team…and they are a different breed!

They don’t work for a great paycheck or a solid 401(k). They work and live by their own rules and if you’re not ready to work FOR them, well, they won’t work for you!

Have a listen to today’s episode of 7 Minutes In the Morning while you’re finishing off the last of the egg nog and wrapping presents. I hope you enjoy!