Letting An Employee Go ? The Uncertainty

letting go

The prospect of losing an employee creates a lot of uncertainty on the part of the business owner. Funnily enough, it’s not always about the desire to keep the employee because of wonderful performance, but more so because nobody knows exactly what the employee is currently handling so that one can step into their shoes when they leave. What most business people don’t realize is that there are some eventualities that are inevitable.

Take for example, if one of your employees got sick or was run over by a truck, are you or your team in a position to jump in and cover up for them while they are away? How do you fully get to know what each of your employees is currently handling? How do you create a plan B in case Michael, your accountant quits his job? How about the head of purchases? You can only know these details if you make it a practice to openly discuss such possibilities with your employees.

Sharing Plan B with Employees

If you just wake up one day and ask one of your employees what he or she is doing, you definitely raise a red flag. In fact, it can demoralize that employee. How best can you do it then? Make it a routine to sincerely discuss such with your employees. You can make it monthly, every quarter or after whichever period you may deem fit.

Like that they will look at it as a normal routine that doesn’t threaten their job. You can even go ahead to organize your plan B in the form of a book so that you can easily shared with the team in a bid to make them understand that it’s for the best interest of the business and, in extension, their jobs that they freely share what they are handling with the rest of the team.

As an employer, you will be more confident about the continuity of your business and further make the employees feel that you have their best interest at heart.

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Hey there folks, Thom Rigsby here from thomrigsby.com, another day out at the lake. Today, we’re going to talk about character in your employees. How can you help with that? Stay tuned, 7 Minutes in the Morning, coming up next.

Hey folks, good morning and welcome. My name is Thom Rigsby and I’m your business coach, and you have tuned in to 7 Minutes in the Morning, it’s your daily dose from me, your business coach, where we take one topic every day to help you build a better business. Yesterday, we talked a little bit about how as the owner, a leader in a business, you can build a faster culture. Now that I’ve said that, this totally proves to you that this show is absolutely unscripted. Just as I say that, I remember to point that I left out yesterday. Culture is not something you can create; you can’t buy it at the store, come in one day, unpack it and say “Okay, now we’ve got this culture. It’s something that develops organically within the organization. You can foster that, you can promote that but you cannot create them.

One way you can do that is by hiring for character. Very often, as business owners and leaders, we have this desire to hire people to perform a specific task. So what do we do? We advertise for that task, we solicit resumes and applications; we interview people for their competency with that particular task. I want to suggest to you to think about hiring for character. If someone has the right work ethic, the right character, chances are pretty good that you can teach them the skills that they need to perform the tasks for you. I mean you’re doing them for yourself now. At the very least, let’s say you are hiring a book keeper, you know absolutely nothing about accounting of books, but you do have an account and you just need someone to help you with the books. Hire somebody of high character, send them over to your accountant’s office for a week, it’ll be the best week’s wages you ever spent because that book keeper will then learn exactly how to keep the books the way that the accountant wants them kept. You will get an employee who’s grateful to you for teaching them something that they didn’t know, but obviously had some desire to, and you will get to go to work on your business rather than in your business.

Is character the only thing you should hire for? No, and in fact sometimes, there are circumstances where you absolutely should hire for competence. I don’t want to hire somebody to be my dentist, if they just really want to take care of my teeth and then they need some training from time to time. My point is that very often, that’s all we care about is the specifics of the training, the specifics of your experience. Let’s face it, as small business owners, what we normally want is the most experienced; the best qualifications at the least price. That’s the bottom line in a lot of cases. If you hire for character, hire for attitude then you’re going to get a high quality employee, and a lot of times, a much better addition to your team.

You think about that, give me your thoughts. You can send me an e-mail thom@thomrigsby.com or you can hit me up on Twitter at thomrigsby. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve got a You Tube channel. I do almost all of these podcasts on video also, you can go to You Tube and find those; just search for Thom Rigsby, it’ll take you right there. We’ll be back tomorrow with another topic. I think I’ll do the whole week from the lake this week. Until then, my name is Thom Rigsby, I’m your business coach.