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Which Comes First, The Customer or the Product?


Do you pick your target market, then solve their problems… or do you come up with a product then go look for a target market. Isn’t that kind of like the chicken-and-the-egg argument?

Perhaps, but I’m sure you’ve heard me say before, to have a successful business you have to solve problems for customers. How do you get said customers then? Great question.

The answer, and some interesting tongue-twisters, are all inside, here at 7 Minutes In the Morning!

Refining Ideas

Creating something has to be one of the most gratifying experiences in life. Whether it’s seeing your child for the first time, gazing upon a house you built, or finishing that painting, a swell of appreciation rises in your chest. However, as human beings, we have the tendency to look at a creation and only find the problems in it. There’s something in our psyche that tells us to see what we could have done better rather than enjoy our creation for what it is. We know that perfection is unattainable, yet we continue to strive for it.

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.

-Vince Lombardi

Thom Rigsby knows all about this innate human condition, as he was a woodworker for many years. He suffered from something he dubbed “The Craftsman’s Curse;” all he could see in his projects were their flaws. He knew that he eventually would need to drop these negative tendencies, especially if he wanted to thrive in the business sector. Thom believes that while we should aim for perfection in our business projects, we should also know that we will never get there. Rather, we should embrace the sheer excellence that comes from reaching for flawlessness.

In this podcast, using the problem to product map, Thom takes last week’s assignment one-step further; he tells you what to do with all of these ideas you’ve mined. He cannot guarantee you will create a perfect product, but he can guarantee excellence. Listen to this podcast and find out how to begin a solid marketing system for your business ideas!

Just One More Good Idea!

Take a minute to think about the time before smartphones. How did we fill up the gaps in our day? All the time now, we’re checking our Facebook and our Twitter accounts—our hands are almost always on this pocket computer. However, before they became a household item, did we know we needed them? That’s the beauty of the smartphone and every other revolutionary invention; we didn’t know we needed it in the first place. Now, we can’t imagine our lives without it.

Ideas can be life-changing. Sometimes all you need to open the door is just one more good idea.
-Jim Rohn

In his video, “Just One More Good Idea,” Thom Rigsby explains that all of the greatest inventors have two things in common. One, they started with a very simple idea and developed it into a product. Two, these simple ideas came from having a vision. This vision was not based on something consumers thought they needed; rather, the vision was based on something consumers never knew they needed. While Thom always stresses the importance of knowing your customer, this topic turns things around a little. In this video, he gives you the tools to begin coming up with your own groundbreaking ideas.

Thom encourages you to think of your brain as a mine—full of good ideas and bad ideas—and it will take mining away the bad ideas to get to the good ones. During the video, he will explain an easy way to draw out your best ideas in the matter of a weekend. Give the video a watch, and bring out the Steve Jobs in you!