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The Reason We Work


Work has become a 4-letter-word. Something we dread every Monday morning! A 2012 survey by the Department of Labor reports that the average employee is actively disengaged from their assigned duties 70% of the day!

And yet that same employee will go home on the weekend or at the end of the day and work into the wee hours of the next day on a hobby, project or side-hustle. Why? What’s the difference?

I believe its because that project or side-hustle has meaning for them and that gives them a motivation behind the work.

Can we bring that same love for work (yes, I called it ‘love’) to our day-job or our business? Should we?

These are all aspects of Work That Matters that we explore in this mornings episode of 7 Minutes In the Morning! Enjoy!

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Does Your Work Challenge You?

This week we’ve been talking about Work That Matters and we continue that discussion today as we evaluate question number 2: Does your work challenge you?

We all know that there are only two conditions in which we can exist… growing or decaying (personally, I’d rather be growing!) And since we spend such a huge portion of our life working, shouldn’t that work also give us opportunity for growth?

Have a listen to today’s episode of 7 Minutes In the Morning, ask yourself if your work gives you a challenge, then hear what to do if it is not.



3 Questions To Tell If Your Work Matters


In today’s episode of 7 Minutes In the Morning, we continue yesterday’s conversation about Work That Matters!

So how do you know if your work matters? A 2012 survey by the US Department of Labor says that 70% of employees are actively disengaged at work…do they believe their work matters?

What about you, the business owner / leader, today you are going to face some challenging situations…do they really matter? Will the decisions you make, make a difference?

Join me as I share the 3 questions to ask that will help you determine if your work matters!