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The Power of Perception


“You earn a reputation by doing the hard things well.”
~Jeff Bezos

Great quote this morning from Bezos, but here’s the question… what’s hard?

And perhaps more importantly, hard for whom?

If you master the answers to these questions you will be able to create massive value for your market AND massive opportunity for you. Have a listen to today’s episode of 7 Minutes In the Morning to find out how.



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Combating Business Chaos

stressed woman in front of a desk

“It’s controlled chaos!”

Have you ever heard a business leader say that? Have YOU ever said that? More often than not that’s exactly how it feels as a business owner… like the business is running you! Dictating your actions day after day, demanding more and more of your time… I thought this was supposed to be fun!

If you are feeling that way now, I hope you will see today’s episode as a blessing. An opportunity to see the light at the end of the tunnel and take action TODAY to make tomorrow better!

If you’re not there (yet), listen with an ear toward how to avoid the temptation of decisions that will let your business slip into chaos and, if left unchecked, will close your doors for good.

(Sorry, that sounds kind of ominous… and its true!)

Join me today to shine a light on the chaos and hopefully give you some specifics about how to begin making order out of your chaos and finding your success, right here on 7 Minutes In the Morning!



Stop Giving Your Value Away!

Free_StuffOur job as business owners and leaders is to create value in the lives of the people around us by solving problems at a profit.

Where many of us run into difficulty though is in charging for that value.

See, our whole life we’re trained how to exchange dollars for hours and not how to assess value and ask for it.

In today’s episode of 7 Minutes In the Morning this is exactly what we talk about. Join me, won’t you?



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