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Do You Still Dream? #BHAG

Kids have this wonderful ability to ask for anything. Take my granddaughter Lynlee for example. This past weekend she asked for a lollipop for breakfast!

Why is that a big deal? Because it demonstrates how unrestricted kids are in their expectations and dreams!

What have you dreamed about lately? Have your dreams from two years ago changed your world today?

That’s our topic today on 7 Minutes In the Morning, enjoy!

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What Is Work…Really?

Ok, so being a little transparent on today’s show as I’m working through some of my own thoughts on the nature of work and whether it is even appropriate to have a goal of “making work optional.”

Have a listen to today’s show and hear what I hear in my head!

Equipped For Success!

Well, I saved this one for last for a reason! Are you equipped for success?

That question has ruined more businesses and leaders than you would think. Why? Because the answer is often “NO” and leads to some kind of delay…and the end of the road for that idea.

There are some legitimate needs for equipping that I cover in today’s episode of 7 Minutes In the Morning, so be sure to listen and let me know what you think on Twitter @ThomRigsby.