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Predicting 2015: Firing Your Customers

Continuing our look into the crystal ball toward 2015, today on 7 Minutes In the Morning, well… we need to have a talk!

As the global economy continues to expand business owners are in a GREAT position to capitalize by niching down and becoming more focused on a smaller sub-set of clients. This always seems counter-intuitive but think about it.

Now, there is a catch. Anytime you niche down, you will disqualify some of your existing customers and, well, you’ll need to fire them. Now, don’t just put them out on the street…help them find a new source for your product or service. Continue to add value even in parting ways! You never know, they may be back and a better fit for your product or service in the future.

Anyway, that’s our topic on today’s episode of 7 Minutes In the Morning, have a listen and enjoy!

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Predicting 2015: IoT and Health

** NOTE: Due to an unfortunate technical error (ie. I neglected to click ‘Publish’), this show is coming out a day late. As a reward, you’ll get two shows within 24 hours! Yea!

It’s Christmas week here at 7 Minutes In the Morning and this year we will be celebrating by taking a look into ye old crystal ball to see what’s ahead in 2015.

We kick things off today by looking at some tech-geek-dom and what it will mean to your work and business.


Understanding Your Why

Putting a wrap on this week of pre-planning for 2015 today’s episode of 7 Minutes In the Morning is about your “Why”.

See, we all have one, even if we can’t articulate it or admit it. It’s there, something nagging at you to keep you moving against the grain. Some call it Devine Discontent, maybe it’s just itchy feet. Whatever you call it, it’s still there for you.

Have a listen to today’s show, gravely voice and all. And see if you can find you why before we set out planning YOUR best year ever in 2015.