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Get Sharp By Being Narrow

Last week my guest on the show was The @StrategicMonk Greg Richardson and he made a comment in passing that was so good I have to come back to it this week.

“We get sharp by being narrow.”
-Greg Richardson

I didn’t focus on this last week because it wasn’t the real message being delivered that day, but this is such a cool way of saying something I encourage you with all the time, NICHE DOWN! ( See, isn’t his way better! )

You know the general premise, tighter focus on one market segment will lead to greater results. But is that all there is to it? Ah Ha! There IS more… on today’s episode of 7 Minutes In the Morning!


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Demonstrate Strength Through Control

We’re kicking off this holiday week talking about demonstrating strength. It all started with a question on Quora about controlling your anger in the workplace ( see more here ).

The asker was concerned that showing restraint demonstrated weakness. On the contrary, I believe restraint demonstrates strength…and that’s exactly how I answer the question on today’s episode of 7 Minutes In the Morning.


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There’s No Such Thing As Work Life Balance!

At least not the way YOU’RE thinking about work/life balance!

In my continuing conversation with The @StrategicMonk Greg Richardson, I ask his thoughts about work/life balance, how to achieve it… if there is such a thing! His answers may shock you!

It has been a true pleasure having Greg on the show this week. Please be sure to send him a tweet and let him know that you heard him here on 7 Minutes In the Morning!


PS – don’t forget to thank Greg @StrategicMonk