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Dreaming Like a Kid Again

What is it about growing up? When we’re little we can see ourselves doing just about anything. Then somewhere between kindergarden and, oh, say eighth grade, we lose all that.

That’s our topic today on 7 Minutes In the Morning… Enjoy!

Is Fulfillment and Satisfaction a Realistic Goal?

Well, the world is all a buzz about the new Apple Watch today. Did you see the announcement, the pictures, the analysis and all the hoopla yesterday?

Kinda funny how things work out, isn’t it? I mean today we’re talking about finding fulfillment and satisfaction on the day after the announcement of what will surely be one of the most sought after gadgets of our time. Now, don’t get me wrong, I will have one! But not in an effort to find satisfaction!

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Desiring Change

Lots of people will say, “I want ___!” Go ahead, fill in the blank… you’ve heard it too, haven’t you.

Well if so many people want, why can’t they get it? Because they don’t have the right education, degree, friends, parents, job, car… whatever?


It comes down to a question of desire, plain and simple.

That’s the topic of todays show, right here on 7 Minutes in the Morning. Enjoy!