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The Difficulty Of Letting Go


**UPDATE** Technical difficulties ( read: Thom set the wrong publish date ) prevented this from coming out on Tuesday as it should. Sorry about that.

I’ve often said ideas are cheap, I can sit here and come up with hundreds of ’em. The real value is in the execution!

Well, there is another kind of idea that prevents our success also, an OLD idea. One that has taken root and we just can’t shake it. That’s the topic today, on 7 Minutes In the Morning!

The Courage To Pursue Your Dreams

Last week, we spent a lot of time talking about dreaming big and dreaming like a kid again. Before we move on to another riveting topic, I want to make sure you not only got the point but are taking action on that information!

So today’s episode of 7 Minutes In the Morning kicks off the week with a follow up question…

Ha! You thought I’d ask it here!?! Nah, you’re gonna have to listen to today’s episode to find out the question!


Making Dreams Come True

So has talking about your dreams this week gotten you excited again?!? If you’re like me, I bet it has!

But here’s the rub… you can dream all you want. If you don’t take action to make them come true then you might as well be painting your masterpiece on the sand at the beach!

We all want, nah, NEED at least some of our dreams to come… and that’s exactly how we’re going to wrap up the week, right here on 7 Minutes In the Morning!