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Black Friday Done Better


Black Friday is the name retailers have given to the Friday after Thanksgiving here in the U.S. It’s called Black Friday because this is the start of the Christmas selling season and a chance for the retailer to go “in the black”. So, to entice as many shoppers into the store as possible, we see some of the best deals of the year, for just a few hours, on this day.

“Great! Low Prices! I’ll run down and get my shopping done!” Yeah, you and about 10 million other people! There are lines, there are tons of people, there’s not enough of the product you want to buy… its generally a lack-luster customer experience to say the least.

This year, at least two retailers are taking on this problem by offering some of the very same options I suggested YOU offer YOUR customers just a few days ago! Find a way to make the customer experience wonderful, not awful!

Have a listen to today’s episode of 7 Minutes In the Morning with business coach Thom Rigsby as he breaks down the plans these retailers have and why they are important to you!

Who Are You?


Ok, so I guess I can’t get six days of content into 5 days… so here’s a continuation of last week’s success series.

Where do you find your identity? In your job? Your business? Your family?

Being able to define my own success is very important to me and in this episode of 7 Minutes In the Morning I tell you why!

Writing Your Success Plan


Few of us would set off on a trip across the country with no plan on where we were going, modes of transportation, hotels, etc. Yet we see nothing wrong at all with rocketing through life with no plan. We wrap up a week of success with a success plan. Let’s listen…