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Do You Have Equity or A Lifestyle?

Many people draw analogies between their children and their business. You put a lot of time, effort… and money… into both. You have high hopes for both.

What are your hopes and dreams for your business? Do you want to grow it, have an IPO and retire fat, dumb and happy? Maybe give Bill and Warren a run for their place atop the Forbes list? Or, instead, do you just want enough to be comfortable? Send the kids to college, have a nice house and a good retirement.

Both are valid dreams and this week on 7 Minutes In the Morning we will look at setting goals and how to achieve them. Starting Now!

Your Action Steps for Success

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Think Twice About Sales and Coupons

SalePriceCircleSales and coupons are useful tools in the business owner’s arsenal but they are used at the wrong time and for the wrong reason more times than not. Do you know the best time to offer items on sale? When should you consider a coupon? When can a sale or coupon damage your brand? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, fear not! I’ll tackle them all in this mornings episode of 7 Minutes In the Morning!

Action Steps for Success

– like we talked about Wednesday, review your pricing. make adjustments if necessary. don’t sweat the no’s. some customers will leave, most will not
– identify the key events throughout the year for your avatar and design a sale or coupon campaign around those events

The Power of the Upsell have the customer there in front of you, wallet out, primed to exchange cash for the valuable product or service you offer… why not ask if they need more? There is a simple method to understand what offer will work the best in that instant. Want to hear it? Have a listen to today’s episode of 7 Minutes In the Morning!

Actions Steps for Success

– Complete your pain to product map
– identify best upsells for you 5 best selling products today, tomorrow do the next 5
– share with your team
– practice with your team